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About the Position
Position # 2055
OrganizationNourish Nova Scotia
Position Breakfast Program Volunteer Group - Public School Breakfast Program
Impact Statement By getting involved in a breakfast program today you are helping children in Nova Scotia eat, enjoy, and value food that fuels healthier people and a healthier planet. Breakfast programs help kids in countless ways, including:

- Filling bellies and fueling minds so kids can learn well. Good eating = good thinking
- Supporting social health by being a hang out spot for youth
- Improving behavior and participation in class
- Building leadership and work skills in kids by having them help run the program
- and so much more!

Become a part of this meaningful work and experience the reward of putting smiles on kids faces today.
Description Is your company/organization looking to get involved in meaningful community initiatives? 95% of public schools in NS have volunteer-run breakfast programs. These programs are incredibly important to support the next generations of leaders for our province. Kids come to school hungry for many reasons including rushed mornings, having early sport practices, having little access to healthy food at home & more. Good food = good thinking. How can our kids learn well if they haven't eaten well? Research shows that they can't and that's why it is SO important to help school breakfast programs thrive. Schools are always open to partnerships. Perhaps your team could have a 'Foodie Friday' and do some cooking for the programs every week, or perhaps you could have a 'Team-building Tuesday' by volunteering to serve breakfast every Tuesday morning. There are several ways you can step in to help, and none are too small. Visit to see what schools near you need help.
Training Details Please contact the school of interest directly. Nourish does not manage Breakfast Program volunteers.
Minimum Duration 3 months or less
Timing Weekday - Daytime
Time Detail Mornings for direct program support, but planning support (ex: grocery shopping) may be able to be done on your own time. Please contact schools directly to discuss.
Age 15+
Ideal for A Group, ESL
Transportation On a bus route
Area(s) of Interest Caring Support, Children/Youth, Hunger and Food Security
Skill(s) Collaboration, Interpersonal Communication, Verbal Communication, Accountability, Respect
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