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About the Position
Position # 2445
OrganizationGirl Guides of Canada
Position Unit Leader - Girl Guides of Canada - Nova Scotia
Location 32 Glendale Ave
Impact Statement Volunteering with Girl Guides means you choose to have fun, make connections, build skills, create positive change and inspire today’s girls to become everything they want to be.

Girl Guides offers girls and women the chance to make new friends, challenge themselves and put their ideas into action through an amazing range of activities developed to support girls.
Description Unit Leaders/Unit Guiders deliver programming directly to our girls on a weekly and biweekly basis. Our Unit Guiders (leaders) are the backbone of our organization – providing guidance, fun and friendship while delivering a dynamic program to girls from 5 to 17+.

The Unit Guider works with the other Guiders in the unit. Guiders form a leadership team where skills are utilized and no one person carries the full workload. A fair distribution of the work ensures everyone has time to work and play. Working within the leadership team structure allows Guiders to showcase

The impact you’ll make as a volunteer – for yourself and for girls
There are so many rewards to volunteering with Guiding:

*Have a profound impact on girls in your community as you help them unleash their potential
*Develop highly transferrable and LinkedIn-worthy skills
*Connect with other amazing women as you volunteer together
*Access to member-only training, special events and scholarships
Training Details Adult Membership Process
Complete these seven easy steps:
1) Complete our online application form. After receiving your application, the Membership team will lead you through the rest of the steps. Watch for an email in the following 24-48 hours with next steps.
3) Schedule a phone INTERVIEW
4) Provide three REFERENCES
5) Provide a valid PRC (You will be sent a link to apply for a PRC at no cost to you if you do not already have one that meets Girl Guides of Canada standards)
6) Discuss your VOLUNTEER PLACEMENT with the Community Planning Coordinator
7) Complete mandatory SAFE GUIDE TRAINING

There are trainings to provide information and skills necessary to deliver the girl program. You’ll be supported every step of the way with training on everything from girl safety and administration to diversity and inclusion. Our new Guider training and mentorship programs are designed specifically for volunteers during their first year with Girl Guides
Working Conditions Unit Leaders are responsible for organizing meetings, including the location. This is at a public venue. At a minimum there are two volunteers for every unit. Volunteers work together to plan and facilitate fun activities for girls each week.
Minimum Duration 7 - 12 months
Timing Anytime
Time Detail Units usually meet on a weekly basis from September through to May or June. Volunteers commit to 3 hours per week of unit planning and meetings, plus additional hours, when required, for planning and facilitating trips or events.
Age 19+
Ideal for An Individual
Area(s) of Interest Children/Youth
Skill(s) Team Building, Coaching, Supervision, Cultural Awareness/Sensitivity, Communicate in Plain Language, Manage Meetings & Groups
How to Apply
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Contact Membership Support
Phone 9024233735
Address 32 Glendale Ave Lower Sackville, B4C 3M1
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